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sugar & grace co. 'working on my zen' 9 oz wooden wick soy candle


OOOM...breathe in , breathe out, just focus on your breathing. Something you need to take a break and catch your breath. You need Working on My Zen. This candle is perfect for when you want to pause and just take a moment to breathe. Life is hectic. We are bombarded by constant noise, chaos, and never ending to do lists. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, however that is no way to live. Time to pamper yourself with a little Zen time and overcome the drain of daily life. The calming effects of cedarwood and the cleansing power of sage will help you get centered while the stress melts away. Palo Santo, with its lemon, mint, and pine notes, will release your anxiety and brighten your inner being. The bright orange notes lift and cleanse the soul, while reinvigorating your body. Life happens. There will be days when it seems the entire universe is against you and everything is upside down. But, challenges are what you make them. Find your peace with Working on My Zen.