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sugar & grace co. 'the strength of a woman' 9 oz wooden wick soy candle


What is the most remarkable part of a woman? Her strength. Women know how to bring home the bacon, and fry it up. We overcome obstacles--physical, emotional, societal, and mental--with grace and fortitude. We make multi-tasking look easy and have eyes in the back of our heads! I never knew just how strong a woman could be, until I became a mom with a growing business. Balancing work and family is just one of the tests of my strength. My new line of candles is a labor of love. However, it is only part of what makes me strong, capable, and creative. I actually photographed my new line while baby wearing. Lined up my masterpieces and rocked a photoshoot without letting go of my baby--now that is strength. Women, you are special, treasured, and awesome. Your strength is inspiring, and it’s what keeps this world going around. This candle is a celebration of all you do, of all you endure, of all you accomplish, and all your capabilities. Here’s to that beautiful strength!