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sugar & grace co. 'my boyfriend's shirt' 9 oz. wooden wick soy candle


Is anything more comfortable or inviting than wearing your best guy’s shirt. A shabby chic attire that wraps you up in a warm hug of love. May not be on the latest runway and can never be bought in a boutique. However, that simple act of sharing, speaks volumes and beats any designer label hands-down. Somehow a simple t-shirt can become a treasured embrace when its beckoning scent fills your space. You know the allure of your man’s scent! Doesn’t have to come from a’s simply intoxicating. Wrap yourself up in the same warm and cozy attire without the laundry to do. There’s nothing like a good smelling man. The attraction is palatable. Strike that match and be surrounded by desire, cozy comfort, and captivating embrace with My Boyfriend’s Shirt. Let the bright scent of grapefruit, and relaxing lavender energize your emotions while wrapping you up in calming relief, while amber and Tonka add warmth and romance.